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Melody Sauce 2

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a super useful plugin, especially when you have problems coming up with an interesting melody, which would otherwise not be possible even with a good knowledge on music theory. It is by far the best plugin I ever used to this date. Keep up the good work Eva Beat..!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really great tool. Easy to handle!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Creates awesome, usable melody’s.

  4. Frederick B. (verified owner)

    I’m still learning how to drive MS, but so far I am amazed at what it can produce. I use it alongside Scaler2, which I also love, and using the 2 VSTs together is producing some very worthwhile compositions.

  5. julian


  6. Nicodemo Lalli (verified owner)

    I really love the simplicity of the interface for a task that is absolutely the opposite of simple. Geniuses can do that kind of sh*t. Of course I love the plugin. Started pumping out new loops right away so i’m going to make a template with it pre routed to a few kontakts. I use FL & their wrapper is sort of booty.
    I would love to hear from you guys though. What are some of the different algorithms you implemented in this plugin? I really like wolfram tones web page ( tones . wolfram . c o m ) for melody generation.
    I wonder if ya’ll can rip a few ideas & include in a future update? Or maybe you already use them!? Idk. I have a lot of ideas & only my girlfriend to bore with them. The producers just stop listening like halfway through.

    I always wanted to know how it works, are all of the algorithms for AI plugins fair game for all developers to use or are there a few pattented ones out there that you guys may have to stay away from? my email is nicodemosmusic2@gmail.com would love to hear from you.

  7. Simon B. (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin for clearing the ‘writers block’

  8. Rodney Foster (verified owner)

    Great Tool to have in any studio, you’ll be Suprise of the product That’s all I’m going to say.

  9. Sven G. (verified owner)

    Bought ver 1 but it would t work with M1 so got refunded. Bought new ver 2 and it works great. Love it

  10. Valued Customer (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with this product, I thought the 1st 1 was absolute fire but with the update to melody sauce 2 it blows it out the water, the fact that I can now select genre to generate melodies is amazing, I do have 1 gripe with this product though and that’s just how much it puts me to shame.

  11. marcus (verified owner)

    it a wonderful instr. can´t wait for whats to come

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely more then what I expected. Having a blast with this AI plug-in.

  13. Michel Prins (verified owner)

  14. Ian J. (verified owner)

    Surprisingly good!
    This has gotten me out of writers block more than a few times since buying it!

  15. Brice (verified owner)

  16. Zongvue C. (verified owner)

    It’s worthed!

  17. Caspian (verified owner)

    After using Melody sauce for a couple weeks. In the same key as I work to assemble a new track. I am truly impressed by its capabilities. The only 2 complaints I have are lack of AAX compatibility, (I have to use bluecat’s patchwork synth, or transvst. The transvst installation crashes pro tools every time. There is minor latency issues with using a shell like patchwork) and the user manual which seems to be both outdated as to the current version and written in a hurry. More explanation of the advanced features section would be incredibly useful. Overall I still give the plugin the best possible score because it truly delivers in terms of creating new, interesting jumping point for melodies from scratch over and over again.
    ***Edit I found an updated copy of the manual on the website. For whatever reason the link (to the manual) that’s inside the plugins settings menu was taking me to an old manual. The updated copy reflects the features set much better and gives a more detailed explanation.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. John R. (verified owner)

    Love this plug-in. It inspires ideas, it gives you a starting point to expand upon. I typically drag the created midi over to an instrument of my choosing and go from there. The AI engine is very impressive.

  21. Hamilton Hawksworth (verified owner)

    What a great find !! If YOU are staring at a blank piece of paper in your typewriter…then this is for you.
    You will spend HOURS of fun playing with this …sadly ending up with hundreds of “unfinished” ideas as you will want to keep experimenting and exploring NEW ideas. Got to finish some of them….WOW !!

  22. Lars Nimmer (verified owner)

    Big One.Peace.Try it.And make good Music !!!

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)


  24. Oskar (verified owner)

    absolutely mindblowing. thank you 🙂

  25. Raul G. (verified owner)

  26. Ricardo L. (verified owner)

    I loved the plugin, it helps me a lot with creativity blocks, I wish you could assign each Pad to a Midi controller to be able to generate melodies without the need to use the mouse, that would help a lot with live performances or simply to increase the workflow.

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is fire and gave me some really great ideas. It’s like having a talented musician at your fingertips helping with articulating your ideas and even giving you hints, helping to take your music in a direction you may have never taken it by yourself. I love it!

  28. Pal E. (verified owner)

    Really good and usefully VSTi 🙂

  29. Matthew Rioux (verified owner)

  30. Reginald (verified owner)

    This program is inspiring. It’s very simple in its approach. Whether or not you’re stuck for inspiration, this may be the tool to spark several ideas. It has for me. TY.

  31. Marco Tangelder (verified owner)

    I’ve tried lots of melody-generating plugins, but MelodySauce is very good! Where most plugins are giving way too random results, MelodySauce creates melodies that actually work. It’s not always spot on, but in a few tries you create melodies that are just right for, let’s say, 80-90 percent. The last few adjustments are made really easy in your DAW. Big thumbs up!

  32. TIM Spencer (verified owner)

    I have used a number of music theory tools, but wasn’t expecting Melody Sauce to be as good as it is. Nine times out of ten, once I have set it up, it delivers something interesting – and the ability to harmonise my melodies is invaluable. Thoroughly recommend!

  33. peter francis (verified owner)

  34. Valued Customer (verified owner)

    This plugin is easily in the top 10 out of the hundreds I have gathered over the last few years – It is Powerful and does what it is supposed to with ease, even in comparison with other software of its type.
    MS2 saves hours of time and for me, once the melody of a track is sorted then the hardest part is done! A bargain considering what it can do – BUY IT!

  35. evabeat w. (verified owner)

  36. javier (verified owner)

    its very hepfull!!!!

  37. Alejandro Parra Perez (verified owner)

    It really helps when i am out of ideas.

  38. Maurice M. (verified owner)

    Love It

  39. waix waix (verified owner)

  40. Ivan Rojas (verified owner)

    Simple but effective

  41. Antonio C. (verified owner)

    This software is really good but in my opinion could be better adding something like emotions,type or Melodies (chords,arpeggio etc) it would be great

  42. Parris Morgan (verified owner)

    This is a very clever and intuitive program that gives you lots great ideas.

  43. Ron van der Lans (verified owner)

    Melody Sauce 2 is a nice plug in for me, everyone who sometimes finds it hard to find the right melody, Melody Sauce is where you’ll find it

  44. Williams Gomez (verified owner)

  45. Phil M. (verified owner)

    Very simple to use but has extra control for when you want to dig a little deeper for something to generate ideas for something to follow from a more complex chord progression. Stupidly easy to drag the generated midi into your DAW for use, or for editing, and the in built sounds make it really easy to make a start without lots of setting up and routing. Best bit of software I’ve bought this year. Love it!

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

  47. Andre T. (verified owner)

    Great plugin for a great price!

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. Leonel Brito (verified owner)

  50. michael (verified owner)

    This is very useful and gives me really good starting point. Was a bit skeptical but melody sauce is actually very very well made. It keeps everything in key which for someone with zero music theory knowledge is very helpful.

    i have been using it maschine 2 and copying the midis across then switching them up slightly.

  51. Jacob J. (verified owner)

    Loving it so far. Its helped replace several midi instruments and M4L chains. I would love swing percentage and a scale list to go alongside the key. All in all I think its worth the price :)!

  52. John Brown (verified owner)

    Really great plug in but It would be even better if it included Melody’s for Jungle/Drum n Bass.

  53. RAHEE KHAN (verified owner)

    One of the best effect VST i watch

  54. Alexis Delcambre (verified owner)

    Very interesting software to create small melodies. My favorite out of all the ones I have.

  55. Omer Bolino (verified owner)

    When I’ve got the melody which I liked, I would love to use the same sound that made the melody fit in my mind. I hope the midi files which I retrieve from Melody Sauce 2 I can use them with Melody Sauce 2 sounds.
    Thank you

  56. Matthew C. (verified owner)

    I lovvvvvve it!

  57. Leo (verified owner)

    Simply great!! 🙂

  58. Chris (verified owner)

    Amazing plug-in that sparks ideas immediately, demolishing writers block!

  59. Leonardo Mesa (verified owner)

  60. Doris Jones (verified owner)

    Love the product! And the price! Powerful vst with endless possibilities

  61. Christian (verified owner)

    Cool Lil plug in. there’s a lot you can do with it it’s pretty fun

  62. Tamas L. (verified owner)

    Very good value for the money and a super inspiring plugin! Thank you!

  63. Piet Wagner (verified owner)

    An absolutely incredible program. I’m annoyed that I didn’t find Melody Sauce 2 much sooner. My utmost respect to the programmers of Melody Sauce 2

  64. alcino moreira dias (verified owner)

    I’m enjoying

  65. Dan (verified owner)

    This program rocks. It uses AI to create melodies in different styles and internal instruments and then allows the user to simply drag and drop a midi pattern onto a track in the DAW. It’s a great inspirational tool for all musicians. I haven’t seen anything like it. Highly recommended!

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